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Using Self-guided mental training apps "MoodSwitch" based on brain Science counseling techniques,
You can train flexibility, tolerance, and resilience on your mental "for yourself ".

Our Mission


Reform labor conditions, Health management, Stress check system ... In recent years, the problem of health and stress of organization members has been linked with productivity, becoming a management element indispensable for the development of enterprises. It is said that stress is the source of all kinds of sickness in Japan. And, People's way of thinking becomes negative, critical, passive, and it decreases members' motivation and productivity when stress is high.


However, stress is an issue that heavily involves individual personality tendencies. Therefore, various experts and human support such as doctors, counselors, coaches, mentors, and advisors were indispensable for solving. However, there is a limit in human support by person-to-person. How can we deal with systematic problem-solving?


We combine brain science counseling and therapy technology with IT to provide solutions that enhance the ability of organization members to help themselves. The self-mental training system MOODSWITCH, which we have collaborated with the University of Tsukuba, is a self-training tool. Training such as awareness of the cause of stress problems, stress relief, stress tolerance improvement, personality and behavior change etc. can be carried out in "self", which was previously difficult with expert assistance. The training program using MOODSWITCH aims to increase the ability to help myself against the stress of organization members, to revitalize human resources and organizations, and to improve productivity.

Training Tool

We provide a mental training system "MOODSWITCH" that can self-conduct "stress care", "stress tolerance improvement", "communication", "personality and behavior change" based on brain science counseling and therapy technology. We are researching and developing this in collaboration with the University of Tsukuba. MOODSWITCH is provided through the network as a cloud service. Three types of applications, WEB, VR, and Chat Bot, are offered to users according to the purpose and environment of use.

WEB app

This is a core system app for doing self-mental training that is consisted of functions such as a measure of stress, training, management of training data and learning and so on. It lets users do self-training for reducing stress and improving stress tolerance which is able to access anytime and anywhere they would like to do.

This is an app for doing self-therapy with using the technology of Virtual Reality. It has the highest beneficial effect of reducing stress with using an immersive video that maximizes the effect of image functions. It is able to be joined users with low-cost VR headsets that are able to be attached to smartphones.

Chat Bot app using AI

CareBot is an app that induces self-therapy with AI Chatbot that is able to use the LINE app. A virtual therapist that is on the LINE indicates the time when users need to do self-therapy automatically without they operate app proactively or consciously. This is a useful app for users who do not have enough motivation for this app or the situations when a large number of people use it at the same time.

Analysis of organizational issues

The usage data of MOODSWITCH can be processed statistically and used for organization's problem analysis. We analyze possible problems within the organization and propose solutions for organizational productivity improvement, team management improvement, mental health environment improvement, etc. based on the psychology and stress characteristics of the organization members.


About SAT method which is brain science counseling ·and therapy technique

The SAT method is a counseling therapy technique that has been developed at Laboratory of Tsunetsugu Munakata in Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Science, University of Tsukuba, and has been spreading abroad, including Japan, China, Germany and Austria. Safety and effectiveness are demonstrated both clinically and academically. And it is a technology that has a wide range of effect to mental problems due to various stresses, mental disorders, diseases of the body. Recognized "Health Counselor" qualification of the Academy for Health Counseling are certified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in Japan. It is posted on their homepage.

Unlike other conventional counseling methods focusing on the psychological aspects, the SAT method puts an importance on physicality, and approaches mental problems from the bodily symptoms(such as chest-pounding, stomachache, hands and feet cool, etc.). Therefore, instead of working thought by linguistic stimulus, use visual stimulus from the presented image. It is possible to grasp unconscious true feelings and an essential desire in a short time because it can functionalize an association and a flash and intuition well. Also, It is not just about reducing and solving stress problems by therapy. You can wear skills to switch things and feelings of relationships by repeated training. After that, by transforming into a positive personality, you can gain stress resilience from stress and increase stress tolerance.

Company Name

Company Name Mindset Research, Inc.
Business Office 3F, WIND OTSUKA Bldg., 3-50-1, Minamiotsuka, Toyoshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 170-0005
Directors Representative Director:Takeshi Kamita, Derector: Atsuko Matsumoto
Adviser Professor Emeritus of Tsukuba University /SDS, Inc. Presidnt and Representative Director Tsunetsugu Munakata
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Description of Business
  • Organization management based on psychology and brain science , Human resource development, Consulting and advisory of mental health measures
  • Mental health training and practice
  • Information system planning, Development, and Sales of mental health
  • Personal / Organizational psychological assesment, and Analytical survey
  • EAP (Employee Assistance Program) service
  • Mental health specialist training
  • Human resource consulting

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email:info@mindset-research.co.jp 3F, WIND OTSUKA Bldg., 3-50-1, Minamiotsuka, Toyoshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 170-0005 (business hours: weekdays from 10AM to 5PM)